We specialise in advanced electrical and electronic systems that operate reliably in difficult environments.

This means that each solution is designed specifically for the customer’s needs, requiring close collaboration from the very beginning to ensure the design specification is accurate and that the components we choose and the way we use them are optimal for the application.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Design of electronic systems for use in challenging environments, including subsea and space
  • Selection of components for reliability, stability, resistance to degradation and lifespan
  • Knowledge of embedded micro-controllers, FPGA-based systems, motion control, and high-voltage, high-current switching and control
  • Electronic and software design for remotely-operated systems
  • Advanced welding technologies.

Wherever possible, we use the simplest, most effective design, so that the system is robust, reliable and easily-serviceable in the field. Our long experience means we know what works and can advise on capability and operation, resulting in intelligent, dependable systems.

CSS Isotek Ltd

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