A strong mechanical engineering capability is essential to the successful operation of the equipment we supply.

In the challenging environments in which our customers operate, systems are often subject to or constrained by a number of factors including physical space, extreme temperatures and pressures.

We work together with our customers to develop precise mechanically-engineered solutions that allow our systems to work reliably.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Designing and fabrication of mechanical systems which operate in challenging and extreme environments and within challenging parameters
  • Automation of welding processes
  • Automation for pipeline tie-in, repair and maintenance
  • Concept development and design of subsea mechanical tooling
  • Design and manufacture of remotely operated machinery
  • Detailed mechanical engineering for accuracy, reliability and repeatability
  • Packaging of electrical and electronic power and control systems for use in hyperbaric and other extreme environments
  • 3D mechanical and design analysis.

Working closely with our electrical and electronic design team and our software specialists, we develop advanced mechanical solutions to difficult technical challenges, ensuring that our final systems are rugged, reliable and able to operate successfully in the target environment.


CSS Isotek Ltd

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