The one-off nature of our projects means that testing and qualification is built into every step of the process.

Our project schedule includes time for testing each element of the final system individually, and for additional testing as those components are integrated, until the final product is ready. This process results in modifications, revisions and improvements as we go – giving our customers complete confidence in the end result.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Specification design and evolution – developing and innovating a specification that is adaptable and flexible, changing throughout the project as necessary in order to achieve the best result
  • Production of test and qualification schedule against specification
  • In-house and on-site test to customers’ requirements
  • Managing project evolution and updates
  • Overall quality management to Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS) standards. We are currently working towards ISO9001:2015.

jqs-supplier-logo-stampOur work has to be signed off by dedicated approvals bodies to approve it as safe for operation and posing no threat to the environment. CSS Isotek Ltd designs and writes the parameters that each project build process must adhere to in order to meet these requirements for both onshore and offshore field trials. In addition, our work in setting welding parameters for all our kit, and obtaining analysis of test welds in the lab and in the field to provide documented proof of operation to our customers is key to our project success.


CSS Isotek Ltd

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