CSS Isotek Ltd has the capability to write bespoke software in-house for each project, building on tools and structures developed and tested over many years. This allows us to be in complete control of the entire process. For each project we look carefully at whether to use existing solutions as a whole or adapt them as required.

Keeping several versions of our core software under review as a project evolves to align with evolving customer requirements throughout the lifetime of the project and beyond is key to our success.

Isotek is the only company in the world with experience writing software for hyperbaric MIG and TIG welding control. This is the most elaborate control software we do – it has to be very precise and orchestrates a number of key operations including the position of the welding torch so it reacts dynamically to the surface being welded, the welding current and voltage and the wire feed speeds.

Isotek Oil & Gas © Mike Pinches

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Developing control systems ranging from single standalone units to large-scale distributed systems comprising tens or hundreds of interconnected controllers
  • Bespoke software development that supports systems operating in extreme environments
  • Writing software for precision control
  • Using software components in new ways to resolve a range of issues
  • Managing pluggable hardware with embedded software that makes components interchangeable without needing reprogramming
  • Linux, Windows, and embedded software on a variety of platforms
  • Over the years we have developed a library of version controlled recipes allowing us to track all components in each product we have made. This registry is invaluable when upgrades or repairs are necessary
  • Real time fixes and experience gained from thousands of hours of real-time running can be rolled out offering an enhanced start to new projects.

The nature of the environments we design for means that every single element of the final product needs attention to detail to make it as robust and reliable as possible before field trials. These trials allow refining of the software so the technicians using it in the field can do so with ease, underpinned by the confidence in the systems’ reliability, robustness and repeatability of operation.

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