Connector Subsea Solutions Acquires Isotek Oil & Gas Ltd

  • Tuesday, 09 June 2020
  • by Judi Barton

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) Bergen, Norway has announced today, 8th June, that it has completed the acquisition of Isotek Oil and Gas Limited. The acquisition adds Isotek’s remote welding technology to CSS’s existing range of subseaRead More

Repaired in Record Time

  • Friday, 22 July 2016
  • by Judi Barton

Isotek regularly receives customer-returned equipment that has been damaged in the harsh environment that is the norm for subsea pipeline operations. The items need fault diagnosis before repair and this can take time. Isotek equipment is designedRead More

Powering Up in Sweden

  • Tuesday, 19 July 2016
  • by Judi Barton

One of Isotek’s more recent recruits is Electronic and Electrical Engineer Jon Brown. Under the direction of Professor Rhodes and our senior team Jon has been researching silicon carbide switched power supplies. The goal is to design and build aRead More

Successful Apprentice Programme…

  • Monday, 06 June 2016
  • by Judi Barton

...Underpins Workforce Skill-Base Isotek’s most recent cycle of apprentice training finished when Zoe Hodgson successfully completed her final year at Leeds City College. Zoe and collegue Vishal Parmar were the most recent cohort of apprenticesRead More

Isotek Buys Lifesaving Device

  • Monday, 06 June 2016
  • by Judi Barton

A Leeds company has shown it has a heart by investing in lifesaving equipment as part of its drive to boost health and safety. Isotek Oil and Gas has purchased two defibrillators which can help to shock the heart to restart it following aRead More

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