Isotek regularly receives customer-returned equipment that has been damaged in the harsh environment that is the norm for subsea pipeline operations. The items need fault diagnosis before repair and this can take time. Isotek equipment is designed and built to last, so quite elderly modules can be received back here in Leeds. It therefore can be necessary to upgrade to the latest software or electronic componentry in tandem with the repair.

On 10 March 2016 we received 4 items returned from the Technip DeepOcean Pipeline Repair System Joint Venture. The junction boxes from a subsea power switching, conditioning and distribution buy gador xanax system were urgently required back in Norway. Under the guidance of Isotek Electronic Engineer Steve Goodfellow, the 2 back-up power modules and a high voltage controller module were diagnosed, dis-assembled, cleaned, repaired, re-assembled and tested in record time by the workshop team. They were shipped back to Norway on 18 March.

Six working days is a record turnaround and Isotek is justifiably proud of the team’s effort. Managing Director Mike Armstrong commended the team for their efficiency and focus saying ‘This is a very pleasing result and I congratulate the Leeds team on their record achievement’.


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