…Underpins Workforce Skill-Base

Isotek’s most recent cycle of apprentice training finished when Zoe Hodgson successfully completed her final year at Leeds City College. Zoe and collegue Vishal Parmar were the most recent cohort of apprentices supported through a 4 year training programme for apprentice electrical and electronic engineers. The company takes on a small number of apprentices every 4 years believing this is an efficient way to ensure a quality and professional workforce.

Vishal started and finished a year ahead of Zoe and decided to further his education full time. He is now studying for a Bachelor of Engineering. Zoe’s final certificate tally includes a PEO (Performing Engineering Operations) in Mechanical + Electrical Engineering; BTech Levels 2 + 3 in Electrical and Electronic buy adipex online with a prescription Engineering; and an NVQ 3 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. She remains employed at Isotek and is a valuable part of the workshop team.

During her apprenticeship Zoe was singled out for interview by Leeds BBC Radio to put forward an apprentice’s view of apprenticeship training. Conquering her nerves she conveyed the positive aspects of learning while earning. Isotek General Manager Simon Fripp commented that supporting the apprenticeship route was a positive way to encourage young people to pursue an engineering career. ‘It is particularly important for Isotek that our technicians have a thorough understanding of the importance of quality within engineering build operations. Apprenticeship study programmes instil a fundamental understanding of the mechanical, electrical and electronic processes underpinning our work’.

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